Dirty Play

Random Update: I finished my rough draft for Dirty Play last night. It’s roughly 13,200 words, but that could change a lot during edits.

What is Dirty Play you ask? Well it’s a story I’m writing for the goodreads MM Romance group’s Love is Always Write event.

I wrote it in response to this prompt and photo:

“It’s easy to be a hero in the game. When we play together, I’m brave and strong and handsome and I slay the dragon. But when we stop playing, I’m back to being regular old me.

Am I brave enough to tell him how I feel? When the game ends, can we still be comrades in arms, or is it all just empty fantasy?

[This’d work for computer or video games, but I’m particularly fond of the intimacy of old-school tabletop role-playing …]”

That’s all I’m saying for now, but look for it in a couple months on the MM Group page.



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