Dirty Drag 3: Beyond The Drag

Howdy Readers!

Cover Art by Shadowphen

 I released Dirty Drag 3: Beyond The Drag today and it is now free at Smashwords and at All Romance Ebooks 

Blurb: Dirty Drag 3: Beyond the Drag picks up right after the shocking conclusion of book two. Ashley is on a new mission to impress Rick and show him he can be serious about a relationship. If he’s able to open up and let a few things off his chest and can avoid making a boob of himself in the process, he might just succeed. This is the final story for Rick and Ashley, and it’s a finale you don’t want to miss.


If you haven’t started the Dirty Drag series you can read A Dirty Drag Collection to get all three free stories in one at Smashwords or All Romance Ebooks



  1. I agree, especially with the books being so connected. Hope you enjoy them just as much this time around. I think the table of contents works better from smashwords. The one on ARe is not working right and I can't fix it.

  2. Aye enjoyed them again the second go – I did like my alarm clock a lot less though this morning.Well lucky me I got it from smashwords – now "checkout proceedings" to go through so I usually go there if I can.Just out of curiosity – are they doing the file conversion for you or are you uploading the formated files? in the later case you could just take the smashword file and put it on ARe.

  3. I have a passionate dislike for my alarm clock too. For smashwords you just upload the word file (properly formatted) and it converts it all. It's in Smashwords terms of service agreement that you can't upload the converted files anywhere else.On ARe I have to make my own files and upload them. It's a bit more of a pain for me. So the table of contents is a little off but the rest is all fine and dandy.

  4. I have yet to meet someone who likes their alarm clock. Aye well I can understand them that they don't want you to use the files you create with their software on other pages. They wan to be a page for books not a free file conversion service.Ahh well but enough of all the tech talk – it's really fascinating but I doubt I will ever understand it all. But thanks for answering!

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