I’m a boring blogger

I suck at blogging. I never have anything fun to blog about. You’d think I could just make shit up and ramble, but I seem to have some kind of blog–writing-deficiency.

20130701-183546.jpg Dirty Boys did win cover of the month at deviantArt, that’s pretty cool.

Cover art design was done by Hector Himeros, so he should get the credit for that. If you haven’t read Dirty Boys, it’s free here.

You can find Hector at: http://www.himeros.tk/ And http://hectorhimeros.deviantart.com/

In other news I have a 30,000 word story with my beta’s and pending their feedback, I’ll probably submit it to a publisher.

I’ve also started working on something with Gina A. Rogers that’s really funny so far. Its pretty out there though, like really really out there because we’re both crazy.

That’s pretty much all that’s been happening with me… How’s everyone else doing? No one has melted I hope.




  1. Congrats on all of that. 🙂
    Well except for the boring blogger part, I didn’t think it was boring at all.

  2. well just pick a topic/theme and write something for it once a week or so … can be anything … the neighbourhood, strange people at the train station. It doesn’t need to be about writing. Ok I can’t really come up with anything else at the moment.
    You could turn your “I don’t know what to blog about” into a small series of posts. And there have to be things happening – they don’t need to be extraordinary, you can turn them into something worth reading with your writing. Or just go with the old fashioned “my favourite XY” ( colour, book, food). Ahh well just some random thoughts.
    Blogging is hard work.

    1. A weekly blog seems like so much work, first id have to remember to remember to write it amd then to actually post it. I struggle just trying to come up with something for a once a month post, with no theme or anything.

      1. aye weekly is a lot of work … maybe you can get yourself to do bi-weekly – it’s like writing letters (old fashioned ones) – it can take hours to write a good one.
        So your only problem is finding a theme? Is there something you are interested in besides writing? There has to be something.
        Ahh well you probably need to decide if you want to do something personal or just something related to your “author self” (you can do something about your writing, pen and paper, computer, in one go or with lot’s of breaks, what you do when you get stuck, where you get your ideas, do you go over your texts a lot, do you write outside/indoors, late at night ….). What sort of books do you read yourself (ok that would be a bit like advertisement for others)
        Ahh well or just keep telling us every other week that you have no idea what to write about.
        Well anyway good luck figuring it out

    2. The every other week saying I had no idea what to write sounds like the best choice ;). Everything else I just feel like I’d bore people. Lots of ideas to think about though, thank you

      1. Hehe yeah well it’s better than nothing – I mean what’s worse than visiting a blog/ website and seeing the last entry was done a few months ago …
        Just wait if you keep writing about not having to write anything you will soon be the no. 1 address for people looking for something to write about – google indexing at its best.

    3. I can’t reply directly to your replies and I don’t know why.

      Anyway that sounds like a good goal, being at the top of the google index. I did an author interview that will post end of the month or early August, so I’ll blog the link to that for my next entry, and after that back to scrounging up something to post.

      1. hmm maybe programming doesn’t allow more than 3 “levels” or whatever it’s called when it’s moving each comment a little to the right. If that’s what you meant with not being able to reply directly …

        Ahh you should make a post a little before with some hints about the interview, give some tidbits or one good question and let us hang in midair not answering it and then tell us to read the rest next week at the other blog. Then you can always do another post that just links to the interview.

        Well google index is all about having a good robot.txt – the file the crawlers read, it’s really important how you tag your page there. The thing that’s next are links referring to your site – they make you look important and then of course it’s the words of the content itself. But well yeah “tweaking” a page for google is an art in itself.

      1. ahh well I just catch tidbits here and there – I know about the stuff but I can’t actually do it. But thanks to the internet you can look up everything (or is it anything?). It seems to me the “hope” approach has been working so far.

        Something completely different – why did you hide your menu?

    4. My menu is hidden? I have no idea how that happened. I know on mobile devices it shows as a pull down menu. But why it is suddenly hiding, or what it’s hiding for I have no idea.

      1. aye – that’s what I meant – pull down and all the way to the left, I guess it was just the different browser …

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