Dirty Shorts *-*


Hello ReadersDirty Shorts Volume One.

How are you all doing?

I’m currently working on a few things and one of them is adding all of my released dirty short stories into one volume. I’m doing this for a few reasons, one is so I can put them all on Amazon easier and hopefully get Amazon to mark them as free quicker then if I uploaded them all individually.

Another reason is I had stock image credits to use so I got this cover I love. Yeah, the models shorts aren’t dirty anymore, but I bet they were before he got them all wet.

A third reason is it’s just something I wanted to do. And now it’s long enough I might look into publishing it in Paperback.

I have the stories all added into one document and ready to be published, however I want to try to edit it again. See if I catch anything I didn’t before, I however suck at editing so not sure if I’ll be successful or not. Maybe I’ll think of a few more jokes or something at least.

Also the story I’m working on with Gina A Rogers is already at 30,000 words and we’re not even half way done yet, so that should be a full length novel when it is finished.

That’s all I can think of to share, but hope everyone had a great weekend.





    1. Thank you Kris,

      I’m glad people like the idea. I’m learning there’s a whole different market at Amazon. A lot of customers there only get books exclusively from them.

        1. That’s true. I like amazon but I do buy from all over.

          The trouble for me is Amazon won’t let you list books as free. You have to charge for them and then get amazon to prize match them as free. it can take them awhile.

  1. I do not like Amazon one bit – greedy mean company (now I just hope that comment won’t get you into trouble – you wanting/having to work with them).
    If I can avoid the big A I do – buying from publishers, authors is preferable – followed by the local bookstore and then any other online book store that is not amazon.
    I’m refusing to buy a kindle reader so I need to be tech savy to convert all those mobi files into epubs and I really don’t enjoy correcting the epub files – so much mind numbing work …

    Well I will be patiently waiting for ePub to take over and get rid of all the proprietary e-reader file formats and just keep working my way around them. The Linux kid in me showing …

    Use them if you can! just make sure it’s on your terms – and don’t give up on the other platforms …

    Congrats on the word count … but then I guess writing something fun makes the whole thing easier.

    1. I still love smashwords and find them very easy to work with so I plan to keep posting there first. And then they distribute to Barnes and noble, Sony, iBooks and places. Very easy.

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