Quick update

Update on DSV1: I have ordered a print copy of Dirty Shorts Volume One, if it turns out to look good I’ll offer them through LuLu for anyone to buy. Unfortunately, they can’t be free and will be around nine dollars, so not sure if anyone will even want a copy. This is mostly a test to see how it goes.

The ebook version is free on Smashwords and All Romance ebooks. Feel free to download a free copy if you want.

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend,


Dirty Shorts Volume One




  1. I can’t remember when I last bought a “real” book that was meant to be read rather than worked through with a highlighting pen ..
    I will go with smashwords – you should probably do the usual business thing and make the book 8.95 or 9.99 – everyone will think something’s fishy if there’s nothing behind the comma …
    Maybe one day the single files of the stories will turn into a collectible and as they are tiny I guess I will keep them for now ..

    1. I was just planning to sell it for what lulu charges to produce to. I used 12 point font so it was 250 pages or something. They charge by font size so I’m probably going to change font to 10 point and it will be 175 pages which should make it cheaper. It’s still just an experiment.

      1. experiments are great (usually – sometimes they turn back on you) how else are we going to learn anything …
        I don’t know Lulu – but usually different fonts have different sizes (Arial 10pt equals Times New Roman 12pt.) so that could be a factor too – and then of course the line spacing – esp. when you have a lot of paragraphs can create a lot of empty space ..
        Well I hope it’s a success.
        Hmm just wondering about self publishing – will you get an ISBN? do you have to hand in legal deposits?

    2. I used times new roman 12. Probably switch to ten so it be shorter. The line spacing was big so not worried about that. It does have an ISBN. Not sure what you mean by legal deposits?

      1. Well I don’t know the exact rules in the US – but basically any published book/text needs to be handed in to the “legal deposit library” (Library of Congress in the US). It’s basically a means to get hold of the publication output of a country to write bibliographies (well ok feed the databases with entries nowadays).
        Some countries have one legal deposit library others have several – or in Germany we have a nation wide one and on or two in each state … My memory is a bit fuzzy on the US ..
        And I really don’t know how self-published POD publications are handled because the scope often relies on circulation figures – and those can’t be determined with POD …

      1. Now I spend some precious dinner time looking up rules&regulations – but I couldn’t find anything on the loc or the copyright office pages – they seem to love quoting law gibberish and having maybes and mostlys and generallys in ever phrase. I loved the Australians – even the British gave a relatively clear answer .. but yeah I guess they are of no consequence to you.

        I don’t know much about pod and even less about Lulu – I guess I will have to write a few e-mails – unanswered questions always bug me.

        On the other hand – you can always wait until they make a demand, but a demand is nothing to be ignored. Speaking of demand – e-only publishing products only ever need to be send in on demand – I don’t know if they accept voluntarily submitted copies – but that would be something if you are aiming for “long term storage/ digital preservation” of your works
        [all the above is only if you don’t register for copyright – if you do that then there is no way around a legal deposit, but that’s only how I understand the texts]

        I better stop now before I start babbling ..

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