Ten Stories for Valentine’s Day

MLR has published several stories for Valentine’s Day where at least One Character hates the Holiday. Check them out Below:

Blah_BlahBlah Blah Valentine’s Day

By Kyle Adams

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Valentine’s Day has always been one major suckfest for Andrew. He knows he is cursed and has resorted to avoiding everything even remotely related to the stupid “holiday.” Against his better judgment, Andrew lets his best friend talk him into attending a themed party one Valentine’s Day evening. Andrew spends the whole night cautiously waiting for his bad luck to kick in, nervous to see what disastrous situation he might find himself in. While at the party, Andrew meets Evan and is immediately attracted to him, but Andrew worries it will end in another Valentine’s debacle if he tries anything.

Can Evan convince Andrew he’s worth the risk or will this really be one more Valentine’s disaster?

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JN_OMGIPMVOMG! I’ve Poisoned My Valentine

By Jackie Nacht

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Romantic dinner for two, check. Valentine chocolates, check. Emergency visit to the hospital…oh crap!

Kevin lucked out when he found a place to live off campus with sexy grad student, Brady. Kevin’s learned to live with all of Brady’s quirks including living with Brady’s mean-ass long-haired fluffy feline, Cat. However, with all the quirks it doesn’t stop Kevin from falling for his roommate. While grocery shopping for dinner, he picks up a box of Valentine’s chocolates for Brady to make it the icebreaker he needs to show he cares. But what happens next is anything but romantic. How the heck do you ask someone to forgive them when you poison them with their Valentine?

CC_Horns_and_HaloesHorns and Haloes
By Charlie Cochrane

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What do you do when finding a new boyfriend is like conducting a job interview?

It’s Jamie’s idea of torture—a training course about selection and interviewing and on February the fourteenth! Everybody’s going to be full of romance and he’ll be playing gooseberry as usual. When Jamie finds himself sitting next to the gorgeous Alex, who seems to hate the day as much as Jamie does, will he turn out to be the ideal candidate for the vacant position of boyfriend?

KC_The_Pink_It_BurnsThe Pink, It Burns
By Karenna Colcroft

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An upsetting Valentine’s Day encounter triggers memories from Dyer’s past, but leads to a deepening of his acquaintance with Myles.

On Valentine’s Day, Dyer’s usual morning routine of buying coffee at the shop near his job is disrupted when he realizes the child in line in front of him has been kidnapped by her father. Dyer calls the police and with the help of the barista, Myles, manages to keep the man and child in the shop until help arrives. Valentine’s Day has always been Dyer’s least favorite day and the day’s events don’t help. But an afternoon with Myles might make things better.

RJ_Everything_ChangesEverything Changes
By Ride Jacobs

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Will a ghost from Colton’s past remind him of his love for Valentine?

Colton hates Valentines and everything that goes with it. Lane has been his friend and confident for the last five years but he just can’t bring himself to admit the love he has for Colt. One night a ghost of a former lover appears to Colton and shows him not only how much he loved Valentines Day but how if he doesn’t change his ways he could be heading to an tragic ending. Will Colton write his own Happy Ever After or will he let his own personal demons drag down himself and the one who would love him.

DA_A_Fine_RomanceA Fine Romance
By Derek Adams

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How can two guys who hate Valentine’s Day avoid hating each other?

Tim believed in romance until his lover dumped him on Valentine’s Day. Matt has no use for romance and only one use for a man like Tim – or so he thinks. When the two meet, the chemistry between them is instantaneous – as in oil meets water – yet neither man can get the other out of his thoughts. When circumstances bring them together again, will they fail to connect, or will it be the beginning of a fine romance?

AC_Katt-Flowers_and_ChocolateFlowers and Chocolate

By AC Katt

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Justin Carter hates Valentine’s Day. That was the day that his ex-boyfried and his brother broke his heart. He wanders in a bar in search of something to eat and finds Rafe Santiago who believes Justin is worth more than he knows.

Justin Carter had the worst day one year ago on Valentine’s Day and wants nothing to do with the holiday even though it’s the busiest for the flower shop he manages and hopes to own some day. Exhausted, he stops in to the bar two doors down where he finds Rafe Santiago, a man who wants to become more than a willing ear. Justin’s ex shows up with accusations and Justin turns to Rafe for comfort and support. Can Rafe cure the bad association that Justin has with Valentine’s Day and make Justin his own?

SH_DireWolfThe Dire Wolf

By Stephani Hecht

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Sometimes the thing you hate the most takes you to the love of your life.

Dire Wolf Shifter, Angel, may be the youngest of four brothers, but that doesn’t make him the stupidest. He knows that Valentine’s Day is nothing but one big joke. It’s just a way for candy and card shops to make extra money. How does he know this? Because there is no such thing as true love. Every man he’s met has proven this by stomping on his heart, leaving him bitter and jaded. Fellow Dire Wolf, Baily, has always had a crush on Angel, but he never acted on it. As one of Angel’s older brother’s best friends, Baily had never thought the time was right or appropriate. But as he sees Angel hurting, Baily can’t stop himself from reaching out to the younger man. Will Baily be able to show Angel that there is such a thing as true love? Or had Angel’s heart grown too hard?

BfJ4eMRCMAAwJ5sSex, Ties, and Videotape

By Eva Lefoy

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A missed trip to Paris results in two long-time casual friends finding BDSM heaven instead.

Geoffrey begged his ex boyfriend, Brian, for some bondage, not public humiliation on YouTube. On Valentine’s Day, he runs into Brian’s best friend Paul, who seems intent on righting Brian’s wrongs. But trusting Paul means Geoffrey has to come clean with his needs … and his feelings.

Paul sees Geoffrey in the bar and knows this is his chance to convince him he’s nothing like Brian. He starts slow and safe, setting strict ground rules. But when Geoffrey insists on a reenactment of the same dom-play Brain used to hurt him, is a safeword enough to protect their fledgling love?

Stupid CupidND_Stupid_Cupid

By Nicole Dennis

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A man who hates Valentine’s Day gets a surprise smack of romance.

With horrid Valentine’s Day experiences, Preston Larkin hates the holiday with a passion to the point he prefers to be drunk and unconscious. Heading to a club, SideWays, he plans to drink and dance until the 15th. He didn’t expect a cute admirer to alter everything. Adoring Lark from afar for over a year, Colin Gabriels finds the courage to buy the man a drink, dance the night away, and take him upstairs to the private rooms. His expectations of the man isn’t matching the reality. Things falter the next morning, but Preston changes everything.



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