Author of the Month Poll

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re having/had a good weekend. Mine has been pretty good and this morning I found out I was nominated for April’s author of the month over at the goodreads M/M romance group. If you are a member of the group you can vote for your favorite author Here.

Also in the middle of April the novel I co-authored with Gina A. Rogers, A Gay Romance will be released through MLR Press.



    1. Thank you, Leo! I’m liking the new colors too, and have tried to make it a little simpler with less distractions along the side bar.

      And thanks for the well wishes on the poll voting, last I checked I was doing pretty well but a lot can still change before it’s done.

  1. Thanks for the shout out about the poll-apparently I missed the notice. I voted for you just now and currently you are in 2nd place with 20 votes behind the leader who only has 23. GO KYLE GO!!! God bless and keep you safe this day! Tanya Starke

    1. That’s awesome,Tanya. Thank you for voting and for the update. They pick the top four authors with the most votes so being in second would be more than okay with me.

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