2014 MM Romance Member Choice Awards

Howdy everyone!

It’s that time of year again where the MM Romance Group on goodreads.com is voting on their member choice awards. You can find all of the polls to vote on here.

I was honored to receive nominations in two categories this year: Favorite All Time MM Author and Best Free Story (Dirty Vlogger nominated).

You have to be a member to vote and this is just the first round. If you are a member of the group you should go vote for your favorites. There are so many great nominations it can be hard to pick just one, so good luck.

First round voting ends on Friday, December 12th. The second/final round of voting starts on Sunday, December 14th and ends on Sunday, December 28th.

Winners will then be announced in January. Polls have been set up so that voting is anonymous.





  1. Good luck Kyle!! My round 1 vote for you is now done!! If you are fortunate to make round 2 PLEASE send us an email blast to remind us to get voting before deadline. Tanya Starke

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