Kyle’s Goals

sexy manJust a list of some goals that would be neat to achieve to help keep me motivated and writing.


Write a short novel

Get a story printed in paperback

Have a story translated into another language

Have a story made into an audio book

Win an Award

Receive fan art

Have a book adapted into Film (haha right)

Completed Goals:

Portrait of a beautiful young man leaning on a tree with heavenlRelease a story

Release a sequel

Be Interviewed – completed on 04/14/2013  HERE

Get published by a publisher – Completed on 06/01/13 with Prize Package

Make a website (this counts right?)

Coauthor a story – A Gay Romance written with the talented Gina A. Rogers

Write an extended novella – New Beginnings 30,000 words coming 10/15/14

Write a novel length story – A Gay Romance 230 pages

Write a Novella – Mating Balance

Author Note: This list will be updated and added to as I think of new goals or complete a goal. And I’m always open to suggestions.


  1. Hi. I got Prize Package this morning. I liked Jason, he’s hysterical; and Trent’s cute too. I read your Dirty Drag series and I like those, but I think my favorite is Dirty Cop. I like your voice, and I’ll be watching for more by you. Good luck!

  2. Hi Kyle! Keep on writing and we will try to help you achieve your goals!! I liked the other website, but this one is cool too–better in that the layout is less cluttery.

    1. Hi Tanya,

      Thank you for the encouragement. I like this site better so far and I can do a lot more here once I learn how, but overall looking less cluttered helps it a lot.

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